Enhancing Retail Supply Chain During And Post COVID-19

Companies that produce and distribute to retail chains across geographical regions require a seamless flow of information that range from a variety of sectors...

5G Will Revolutionize Retail Management

G stands for fifth-generation cellular network technology, the next major development in wireless communications. While companies preach about the 5G “revolution” and governments scramble...

How to Retain & Acquire Customer To Meet Sales Projections-Post Covid...

If caught off guard due to surge in demand, emails, queries or logistic issues, don't blame it on COVID and assume customers will forgive...

How To Use AI To Harness The Power Of Big Data

When customers go shopping, they expect to be able to find the products they want at a convenient location at the right price point....

Why Every Marketer Should Embrace Data Immediately

E-Commerce has changed the world, it has presented every marketer an insight on data driven customer insights. For digital transactions tracking is much simpler...

Field helps bridge the gap between field teams and management

Despite continued progress on so many different fronts, there are still a number of gaps that remain in the operations of most businesses today,...

Times to have Re-look at your Return Policy

The return policy is the backbone of building online sales, it's time to have a re-look and gain the trust of your customers.

Ensuring Safety of your Staff and Customers-Post Pandemic Era Series 3

The key messaging during COVID Pandemic and Post Pandemic is ‘we are in this together’. For once in our lifetime the stakes for buyers...

Storecheck News & Trends

Back to School No More! With college campuses across the country introducing virtual learning, home goods retailers with a minor in dorm decor are trying...

Learn from China and Adapt-Post Pandemic Era Series 4

We live in unusual times and nobody can predict how the Post-Pandemic era is going to pan out. We are lucky in some ways...
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Leverage AI and machine learning to create sustainable growth in 2021

Welcome to the digital revolution: We live in a digital age during which technology is helping to support just about everything we do. We’re...

Re-inventing OOH & Merchandising For Retail Brands

No traffic on roads and one marketing channel that suffered the most was Out of Home channel where the billboard spent nose dived. Roadside...

How Will Retailers Thrive In A Post-Covid World?

With daily updates on COVID variations still inundating our lives, combined with the vaccination rollout ramping up, retail is seeing more and more promising...

‘Roaring 20s’ will follow Covid-19 pandemic, says L’Oréal

The pandemic will give way to another “roaring 20s” according to L’Oréal, the world’s biggest cosmetics group, which is predicting a makeup sales bonanza...