Using technology to improve productivity of field rep is key. Repetitive and tedious paperwork should be replaced with modern state of the art retail management tools that help in making field visits not only productive, but actionable tasks are also triggered. Storecheck’s Vision is a great innovation tool that works with Field ensuring field reps capture all relevant data and map it against their planograms.

Field Rep can take pictures of the shelf, camera in puzzle mode allows them to take multiple pictures, so no one pose is a correct one, multiple pictures are taken.

Processing is done by first storing and then using artificial intelligence to process then converting into measurable data.

The visuals are now matched with the preset framework resulting in instant diagnosis against the KPIs for execution at the POS. This cross checking data points provides real time insights about the shelf and filed rep performance.

Action triggers are generated to all relevant stakeholders for rectification, these are auto alerts that manage the actionable steps trigger corrective steps and prevention of sales losses.

What can be measured:

  • Shelf availability and measuring display of the stocks.
  • Stock facings of your product versus the competition. Gives an immediate comparison and steps to improve or maintain.
  • Price benchmarking, what are the prices the stock is selling at Vs competition pricing.
  • Planogram compliance, this is key to measure the performance of field reps. Where they stand against the targeted display. This can be extended to the concept of ‘perfect store’, and each organisation can define how they want the in store display to be benchmarked.
  • Promotions and POP material implementation. This is a good measure of return on marketing investment. Any shortages or wrong displays can be rectified instantly without losing time in execution. If an external supplier is involved then actionable steps can be sent to them to fix or correct the promotions
  • Manufacturers can become more agile in tracking performance and brand distribution, which allows them to meet customer demand in a timely manner.
  • This is a tool that can measure freshness of products and at times expiry of the products. Products can be replaced or a promo can be planned to liquidate the products, rather than bearing the loss.

As they say, a picture is a thousand words, and in this case a thousand data points, accurate and actionable. For further queries please write to

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