It’s no secret that in today’s digital age, data helps drive business results. It provides us with a view into a rich trove of information concerning market trends and consumer behaviour that we didn’t have access to until recently. It helps inform our decisions that fuel the strategies we execute on, providing us with a tangible means by which to enhance performance. And, for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, the need for a holistic view of this data, which can be used to create a more optimized supply chain, improve perfect store execution and grow the bottom line, has never been greater.

According to recent Google research, advanced analytics and AI has the potential to drive more than 10 per cent growth in sales for CPG companies. But, how, you might ask, do you turn this potential into results? By leveraging retail data harmonization tool Storecheck Hub, you can harmonize all of your company’s supply chain information, market and POS data into a single BI platform, turning it into actionable insights to help you realize previously unseen opportunities.

Data Management and Analytics

Storecheck Hub enables you and your teams with the power to optimize your supply chains by:

  • Providing detailed analytics of sales and performance of every SKU
  • Maintaining healthy stocks at the POS
  • Identifying out of stocks and root-causes
  • Increasing promotion efficiency
  • Launching new products successfully

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, your team needs to be free to focus on identifying business opportunities and developing strategies to realize them. By consolidating and organizing your data effectively with Hub, you can get more out of it than you ever thought possible, unleashing your team to achieve even greater results with a solid retail data analysis.

Want to harmonize your retail data from a variety of sources, including external stock data, forecasts, market research and POS data? Connect with Storecheck to see how Hub data harmonization services and their other complementary retail execution tools like Autopilot, Field and Vision can help you. Contact us.

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