Post-COVID world will result in massive shifts in consumer behaviour and...

Impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic have affected just about every aspect of our lives, turning everything that we’ve always known upside down. For...

Storecheck Hub helps you get the most out of your data

It’s no secret that in today’s digital age, data helps drive business results. It provides us with a view into a rich trove of...

Field helps bridge the gap between field teams and management

Despite continued progress on so many different fronts, there are still a number of gaps that remain in the operations of most businesses today,...

How Retailers & Sales Brokers can compete this Holiday Season

In the battle for market share in the CPG market, brands are facing an attack from a new enemy (niche, online-only competitors) and a...

How To Use AI To Harness The Power Of Big Data

When customers go shopping, they expect to be able to find the products they want at a convenient location at the right price point....

Storecheck News – October 2020

How Retailers Compete with Prime Day? Amazon Prime Day starts at 3 a.m. ET Tuesday and lasts through Wednesday. Target will have “Deal Days” and...

Holiday Season 2020, Know your customers

Prepare for the holiday season and know your customers and plan accordingly. Customer spending is projected to be the same this year, so do...

How to prepare the holiday season during COVID time

Monitor consumer trends, user habits and plan your marketing activities to focus on these insights and trends.

Times to have Re-look at your Return Policy

The return policy is the backbone of building online sales, it's time to have a re-look and gain the trust of your customers.

Storecheck News & Trends

Back to School No More! With college campuses across the country introducing virtual learning, home goods retailers with a minor in dorm decor are trying...
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Kroger To Hire 10,000 Workers Across Its Grocery Brands

Kroger announced Monday that it will hold a hiring event on Thursday to fill 10,000 jobs across its businesses. The event will offer virtual and...

How Will Retailers Thrive In A Post-Covid World?

With daily updates on COVID variations still inundating our lives, combined with the vaccination rollout ramping up, retail is seeing more and more promising...

Canadian Online Consumer Trends

Online shopping is changing consumer behaviour is dictating how the landscape pans out. Below are Canadian Online Consumer trends for January to June 2020. Storecheck...

Optimizing the supply chain for post-COVID success

The pandemic has challenged businesses like never before. Many businesses have closed, others have seen revenues dwindle and the rest have been forced to...

Sam’s Club unveils pilot where shoppers scan purchases and have items shipped home

For Sam’s Club shoppers, a trip to the store typically means lugging home big and often cumbersome items. A month’s supply of diapers. Lawn...