Despite continued progress on so many different fronts, there are still a number of gaps that remain in the operations of most businesses today, serving only to slow and impede, closing off opportunities for growth. The distance between current performance and the achievements that are possible is the overriding gap, and is one that shows up significantly in the bottom-line for many.

For CPG companies, however, that gap can sometimes seem chasmic. It’s often highlighted in the disconnect between management and field teams, broken strategies and sales reps that feel unsupported and void of a clear understanding of goals and objectives. The results, as most of us are aware, can be challenging, debilitating, even catastrophic.

But what if you were told that you could dramatically bridge this gap by closing another?

According to a recent Nielsen survey, 80% of small and mid-size CPG companies report that information gaps limit their ability to grow. And in this age of digitization and an explosion of data, by leveraging the right technology, you can close the information gap, empowering your teams and elevating results for your business that you’ve only dreamed of until now.

Storecheck’s innovative AI-powered Field retail execution platform can help you do just that, transforming your data into smart, actionable insights, allowing you to support your field reps’ efforts and evaluate their performance, effectively and in real time.

What can Field help your business achieve?

Equip your team with the best tools and data: Ensuring that your field reps are armed with the most current and reliable data possible allows them to do what they do best – ensure healthy inventory, secure the most desirable facings and secondary placements, monitor pricing and promotional activities and POP material placement, and develop strong commercial relationships with store managers and at the POS.

Increase audit precision and save precious time: Field’s Vision add-on and image recognition allows field reps to capture images of in store execution to instantly determine opportunities to optimize the shelf and product placement.

Ensure your stock is available in stores: Field’s along with Autopilot solution, empowers your teams with the ability to provide accurate, real-time assessments during retail store checks. Their access to information helps them avoid and eliminate stock-outs, correct stock shrinkage and improve shelf availability.

Create, monitor and analyze results and KPIs for an optimized store: The generation of data-driven reports and metrics allow you to track and measure in-store execution KPIs at POS, including:

  • Share of shelf and availability
  • Stock compliance
  • Planogram and scorecard compliance
  • Price check
  • Store activation or secondary placements
  • POP correct placement
  • Eliminate and reduce data mistakes during field rep audits

Share your retail POS data analysis with the entire team: Dynamic data-driven reports provide the analytics that support smarter strategy and more accurate planning, resulting in highly informed decision-making.

Generate valuable surveys in the application module: Through tailored surveys, retail data collection and analysis are made easier and provides field reps with a deeper understanding of challenges and opportunities.

Within the highly competitive environment that we all work, it’s understood that each challenge and opportunity can make or break any business.

With tools like Storecheck’s Field platform, you and your teams can minimize the challenges, seize the opportunities and start to close the gaps in your business once and for all.

Want to empower your field teams with the best tools to achieve their goals? Want to help leaders evaluate field rep performance, effectively and in real time? Connect with Storecheck to see how Field and their other complementary retail execution tools like Autopilot, Hub and Vision can help you. Contact us.

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