US Elections, Retailer Vote First!

Retailers once limited their acknowledgment of an election cycle are now more proactive in making a difference. A growing number of businesses are entering...

How to prepare the holiday season during COVID time

Monitor consumer trends, user habits and plan your marketing activities to focus on these insights and trends.

Preparing & Scaling Direct to Consumer

In the short term, COVID-19 has leveled many Direct to Consumer brands along with specialty mall retailers and local mom and pop shops. Like...

5G Will Revolutionize Retail Management

G stands for fifth-generation cellular network technology, the next major development in wireless communications. While companies preach about the 5G “revolution” and governments scramble...

How to save Retail’s Back to School Season

Back to school is a huge event for Retailers and July and August retail campaigns usually just push out their respective back to school...

To spend or not to spend?

In so many aspects, 2020 has been a tumultuous year for everything and advertising decisions are no different. This year has been embraced by...

Storecheck News Essentials

Maskup! List of Retailers making facial Masks Mandatory Walmart says shoppers must wear masks inside its stores starting Monday — the largest retailer to join a...

Post-COVID Series – Insights & Trends that will help you Re-Strategize

We are living and operating in very different times, and need to adapt quickly. These are a set of articles that will make every...

Why Planning Merchandising is Key in Post-Pandemic Era-Post COVID Series 1

With a lesser number of customers allowed in the stores, benchmark being 30 to 40% of original capacity, suddenly the shopping experience has been...

Do This SWOT-Retail Innovation required – Post COVID Series 2

With Omni-Channel Strategy paying off for retailers, rethinking the entire retail model holistically with building blocks like brick and mortar sales, curb-side pickups, online...
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How Will Retailers Thrive In A Post-Covid World?

With daily updates on COVID variations still inundating our lives, combined with the vaccination rollout ramping up, retail is seeing more and more promising...

Why Companies do not Adopt Retail Management Solutions?

Companies with boost product and merchandising innovations spend millions on sales activations, promotions, displays and instore merchandising, but are very risk averse on upgrading...

Storecheck News – October 2020

How Retailers Compete with Prime Day? Amazon Prime Day starts at 3 a.m. ET Tuesday and lasts through Wednesday. Target will have “Deal Days” and...

Back-to-school shopping could reach nearly $33B: Deloitte

Dive Brief: Despite an unpredictable back-to-school environment, overall back-to-school spending is expected to increase by 16% year-over-year to $32.5 billion for K-12 students, according to...

Which New Dynamics Can Have An Impact on Your Retail Distribution Strategy-Post Covid Era...

World is changing at a very brisk pace, user habits are changing, there are economic and social factors that can have an impact on...