Retailers once limited their acknowledgment of an election cycle are now more proactive in making a difference. A growing number of businesses are entering the conversation by encouraging higher voter turnout among their workers.

Walmart, Nike, J.Crew, and Warby Parker are a sample of retail brands that joined the Time to Vote coalition this year. It’s a nonpartisan pledge to do exactly what it says: Give employees time off to cast their ballots.

Only 56% of Americans who were eligible to vote cast a ballot in the 2016 election per the Pew Research Center, which is lower than in most developed countries.

So retailers are a significant addition to Time to Vote: retail employs roughly 29 million Americans in stores, fulfillment centers, and corporate offices, making it the biggest private sector employer in the U.S.

Time to Vote launched ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, with Patagonia, Levi Strauss, and PayPal as its founding members. 400+ businesses joined that year. This initiative  narrates ‘Workers shouldn’t have to choose between earning a paycheck and voting. Time To Vote is a nonpartisan movement, led by the business community, to contribute to the culture shift needed to increase voter participation in our country’s elections.’

Clearly sticking to their principals:

  • Non-partisan
    Making time to vote is not about partisanship. Employees shouldn’t have to choose between voting and earning a paycheck.
  • Business-led
    Businesses have a responsibility to their people and their community.
  • Flexible
    This movement is not prescriptive because we know there’s not one fit for every company.
  • Free to join
    There is no cost to joining the movement!

With over 800+ members this is a silent movement, End goals: First, a business culture that prioritizes civic duty. Second, 1,000 member companies by Election Day, said Marc Rosen, Levi Strauss executive vice president and president of Levi Strauss Americas. Supporting voters is yet another way brands are addressing recent calls to do business with more than profits in mind.

US elections are on November 3, 2020, but Retailers have already voted!

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