How To Use AI To Harness The Power Of Big Data

When customers go shopping, they expect to be able to find the products they want at a convenient location at the right price point....

3 ways to improve productivity and increase revenue in retail

Looking to improve productivity and performance in retail? Artificial intelligence is key. Though most AI deployments tend to be customer facing — offering customers everything...

Grocery Retailers Should Consolidate Their Offering

Covid 19 Pandemic has presented Grocery Retailers an opportunity it never had, brands want to come under the grocery umbrella as consumers do not...

Re-inventing OOH & Merchandising For Retail Brands

No traffic on roads and one marketing channel that suffered the most was Out of Home channel where the billboard spent nose dived. Roadside...

Why Every Marketer Should Embrace Data Immediately

E-Commerce has changed the world, it has presented every marketer an insight on data driven customer insights. For digital transactions tracking is much simpler...

Storecheck’s Image Recognition Tool-Vison

Using technology to improve productivity of field rep is key. Repetitive and tedious paperwork should be replaced with modern state of the art retail...

Why Planning Merchandising is Key in Post-Pandemic Era-Post COVID Series 1

With a lesser number of customers allowed in the stores, benchmark being 30 to 40% of original capacity, suddenly the shopping experience has been...

Do This SWOT-Retail Innovation required – Post COVID Series 2

With Omni-Channel Strategy paying off for retailers, rethinking the entire retail model holistically with building blocks like brick and mortar sales, curb-side pickups, online...

How to Retain & Acquire Customer To Meet Sales Projections-Post Covid...

If caught off guard due to surge in demand, emails, queries or logistic issues, don't blame it on COVID and assume customers will forgive...

Online Grocery Segment Is Hot, Are You Monitoring Your Competition?

Online grocery sales have gone through the roof in this current situation, as have other categories. New leaders in conventional retail are emerging, and...
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How Retailers & Sales Brokers can compete this Holiday Season

In the battle for market share in the CPG market, brands are facing an attack from a new enemy (niche, online-only competitors) and a...

Holiday Season 2020, Know your customers

Prepare for the holiday season and know your customers and plan accordingly. Customer spending is projected to be the same this year, so do...

Want To Prevent Sales Losses? Follow These 5 Steps

Sales slumps are an unfortunate reality for just about every company that sells products. Whether it’s due to forces beyond your control at the...

How to prepare the holiday season during COVID time

Monitor consumer trends, user habits and plan your marketing activities to focus on these insights and trends.

Looking To Make One Investment During COVID 19, It Should Be This One

COVID 19 has completely upended the retail landscape and will continue to wreak havoc as consumers and buyers move towards online buying. CPG manufacturers...