Companies, Retailers and Distributors can really benefit from their over 16 years of experience in Retail Automation and Data Segments.

One Platform, One Retail Management Solution. Storecheck’s AI-driven solutions ensure their customer’s products perform optimally at retail. They are experts and leaders in retail execution, ensuring technology works seamlessly, bridging the engagement between the field and the office to generate highly valuable and actionable information to ensure instant and accurate decision making. Their solution is fully customisable catering to each customer’s needs. This includes the entire retail execution plan from a central location, connecting and engaging all company stakeholders.

Working in their mission to create technologies and services that help retailers and brands improve the shopper’s experience through flawless retail execution, these solutions have evolved over their 16 years of experienced team in Data Sciences. The champion on not only collecting retail data, but translating it into dashboards and generating actionable steps for teams to take for preventing loss in sales.

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