For consumer packaged good companies, planners, key account managers and field reps can only be as effective as the information they’re armed with. By prioritizing their tasks based on identified opportunities, you can help them achieve significantly greater results and improve your business’ bottom line.

How is this possible, you ask?

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Storecheck’s Autopilot solution 1) provides a retail POS data analysis, 2) identifies the most advantageous opportunities for field reps, and 3) arms reps with real-time tasks that allow them to realize these opportunities, improving performance at every store.

In addition, the data generated by Autopilot empowers planners by optimizing their decision-making, and delivers key account managers with dynamic insights that they can use to inform their strategies and achieve their targets.

Storecheck Autopilot’s powerful algorithms help you and your teams immediately identify:

  • Current and future out of stocks
  • Overstocks
  • Breaches in the agreed assortment
  • Stuck products at the store warehouse
  • Shrinkage
  • Orders arriving at the store
  • Activation of new products in the POS

How does it work?

1. Automatic data extraction: Autopilot automatically harvests data from the entire data retail system.

2. Retail data harmonization and translation: Using AI-driven algorithms, information is cleaned, harmonized and translated for internal actions and decisions.

3. Impressive analytics: Autopilot dashboards visualize all of your retail data in one place, correlating different KPIs and information sources.

4. Best bang for your buck: Autopilot’s powerful algorithms identify and monetize every opportunity at the POS. After detecting and monetizing the opportunities, Autopilot directs these opportunities to the concerned field reps, so they can address and avail the opportunity. This way their visits become much more efficient and productive.

Arm your company with Autopilot and provide your planners, key account managers and field reps with the tools they need to improve forecasting and increase the shelf performance of your products. And elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your strategies to heights you never thought possible. Autopilot best works with Workplan to optimize the visit schedule of field reps.

Want to increase your sales using AI powered algorithms with machine learning that can detect and assign opportunities at the POS? Connect with Storecheck to see how Autopilot and their other complementary retail execution tools like Field, Hub and Vision can help you. Contact us.

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