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Times to have Re-look at your Return Policy

The return policy is the backbone of building online sales, it's time to have a re-look and gain the trust of your customers.

Increasing consumer desire for convenience by driving need to enhance shelf performance

Today’s consumer is digitally connected with access to a world of information that’s right at their fingertips. And, with a wide range of avenues...

Want To Prevent Sales Losses? Follow These 5 Steps

Sales slumps are an unfortunate reality for just about every company that sells products. Whether it’s due to forces beyond your control at the...
These 10 Retailers Are Adding Stores In 2021. Here’s Why

These 10 Retailers Are Adding Stores In 2021. Here’s Why

Why do people get out of the house and go to stores? Don’t ask the retailers with chandeliers adorning their showrooms or the ones...

Coach owner Tapestry sales in North America return to pre-pandemic levels, retailer swings to...

Coach owner Tapestry said Thursday that its fiscal third-quarter sales in North America returned to pre-pandemic levels, as demand for luxury goods rebounds from...