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How Retailers & Sales Brokers can compete this Holiday Season

In the battle for market share in the CPG market, brands are facing an attack from a new enemy (niche, online-only...

How To Use AI To Harness The Power Of Big Data

When customers go shopping, they expect to be able to find the products they want at a convenient location at the right...

Storecheck News - October 2020

How Retailers Compete with Prime Day?

Holiday Season 2020, Know your customers

Prepare for the holiday season and know your customers and plan accordingly. Customer spending is projected to be the same...

How to prepare the holiday season during COVID time

Monitor consumer trends, user habits and plan your marketing activities to focus on these insights and trends.

Storecheck News & Trends

Back to School No More!

5G Will Revolutionize Retail Management

G stands for fifth-generation cellular network technology, the next major development in wireless communications. While...

Why Every Marketer Should Embrace Data Immediately

E-Commerce has changed the world, it has presented every marketer an insight on data driven customer insights. For digital...

Why Companies do not Adopt Retail Management Solutions?

Companies with boost product and merchandising innovations spend millions on sales activations, promotions, displays and...

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