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3 ways to improve productivity and increase revenue in retail

Looking to improve productivity and performance in retail? Artificial intelligence is key.Though most AI deployments tend to...

Storecheck News - October 2020

How Retailers Compete with Prime Day?

Grocery & Retail Trends 2020 & Beyond

Are we back to normal? Not quite so, below trends show us a permanent trend that retailers and brands need to adapt in times...

US Elections, Retailer Vote First!

Retailers once limited their acknowledgment of an election cycle are now more proactive in making a difference. A growing...

Holiday Season 2020, Know your customers

Prepare for the holiday season and know your customers and plan accordingly. Customer spending is projected to be the same...

How to prepare the holiday season during COVID time

Monitor consumer trends, user habits and plan your marketing activities to focus on these insights and trends.

Retailers Get Ready: Survey shows COVID-19 Impact hasn't disrupted consumer holiday shopping plans

Radial, the leader in Omnichannel commerce technology and operations, today announced the results of a consumer insights...

Storecheck News & Trends

Back to School No More!

Preparing & Scaling Direct to Consumer

In the short term, COVID-19 has leveled many Direct to Consumer brands along with specialty mall retailers and local mom and...

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